Multi-Platform LiDAR Solutions

Low cost, excellent accuracy, multi-vehicle compatible LiDAR mapping system.  

The Scout is the best combination of weight, cost, performance, & capabilities. Modular components exist for LiDAR mapping, multi/hyperspectral sensing, hybrid-SLAM and photogrammetry. Multiple options for higher density and/or more accurate point clouds. 
Enhanced accuracy, multi-platform high definition LiDAR mapping system.

The Alpha AL3-32 is the lightest, highest density and most accurate survey grade 3D laswer mapping system in the world. Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding surveying and terrain professionals. 
Designed for UAVs, a compact, high definition and range LiDAR mapping system.

The miniRanger is a weight-opitmized version of our full-sized, high-density Ranger mapping system. This extremely compact system is the first of its kind to enable operating flight altitudes up to 100m AGL and delivers high-density data with up to five echoes, making it an ideal option for demanding UAS/UAVs applications. 
Ranger Series
Survey-grade LiDAR mapping system with precision LiDAR and Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG) IMU.

The Ranger Series is designed for the most demanding mapping applications, no compromises made. With a 1350 meter laser range, this system produces photorealistic 3D point clouds of very large regions. The Ranger is a true universal payload in that it's designed for manned and unmanned aircraft as well as ground vehicles. 

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