Why do we need the DroneTracker?

More and more hobby drones are coming into global circulation; it is estimated that this number increases by 300,000 every month. Drones can be used, for example, to spy on sensitive industrial areas, smuggle drugs or firearms into prisons, or in the worst-case scenario even to release chemicals or explosive devices. A glance at the media shows us that dangerous incidents involving drones happen on a daily basis.

What makes civilian drones dangerous?

There is hardly any other technology currently developing as fast as drone technology. However, the increase in drone efficiency also means more opportunities to misuse them for criminal purposes. A drone that can carry up to 5 kilograms and fly several kilometers can now be bought for about three thousand dollars on the internet. Using a GPS control system and autopilot, many of these small aircraft are able to fly programmed routes without a pilot. This enables them to smuggle drugs or carry out other criminal missions while the criminal pilot is located somewhere completely different and almost impossible to find.New Paragraph

Does the drone warning system work day and night?

In darkness, the DroneTracker camera mode switches automatically from visible spectrum to infrared photography. In addition, sensitivity of the various sensors is adjusted according to the time of day. For example, the alert threshold for the microphone is lower in the evening because the ambient noise in most environments is also reduced at this time of day.

How does DroneTracker obtain information about new drone models?

Dedrone constantly tests new drone models and transmits their characteristics, known as "DroneDNA", to a central cloud-based database. From there, regular updates are sent to all installed DroneTrackers worldwide.

Does the drone warning system recognize home-built drones?

Various sensors also enable the DroneTracker to identify home-built drones, 
but without giving details of the exact type, payload, range etc.

What extras are available?

DroneTracker includes 1 transport crate with a protective polystyrene foam lining and 1 wall mount. The mobile installation kit also contains a tripod, carrying case with integrated router and at least 1 high-performance rechargeable battery, allowing the drone warning system to be operated in the field without an external power supply.
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