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CM100 Gimbal
There is no longer a need to compromise between Daylight or Infrared, because you can have both with the CM100. The CM100 is a Dual-Sensor Gyro-Stabilized gimbal which has been specifically designed for use on unmanned aircraft.  With it exceptional weight and size the CM100 is able to be integrated and mounted into almost any platform with ease. 

The CM100 Can be used with Fixed Wing UAV, Rotary Wing UAV, and Tether Platforms. 

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CM 202 Gimbal 
The CM202 is a Direct-Drive Multi-Sensor stabilized gimbal that is designed to be customized for any mission. Due to the exceptional light weight and size of the CM202 is designed to be used on unmanned aircraft and can be integrated and mounted into almost any platform with ease. With a wide array of sensor configurations the CM202 lets users meet their exact payload requirements, without sacrificing on quality. 
  • Multiple Sensor - EO, LWIR, MWIR, SWIR, Laser Range Finder, Illuminator
  • ITAR Free Options Available
  • IP65 Rating
  • User Customizable Sensor Configurations 
For more info on the CM202 click here.

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