The BTC - 18 Ball Turret Camera features a rigid and ultra light composite chassis couple with a high resolution color camera. The small size of this 18 mm  ball turret and very light weight of 18 grams allows use of the camera in very small electric UAVs. 
The BTC - 40 features an ultra light composite chassis coupled with a novel movement that keeps inertia low and results in a fast smooth action. It is configurable with a high definition 450 line daylight sensor, a 0.0003 Lux lowlight sensor, or a dual sensor with a simulated 3:1 zoom. 

BTC - 40 Models: BTC-40 Standard, BTC-40 HD, BTC-40 Tetract, BTC-40 Dual Sensor
The BTC - 55 is our smallest and lightest thermal gimbal. Combining FLIR's state of the art Quark infrared sensor, our patented drive system and BTC's consistently lightweight and rugged construction, the BTC - 55 is the perfect solution for your thermal imaging needs on the smallest UAVs, or any application where weight is critical.
BTC - 88
BTC - 88 is configurable with a motiona stablized Sony FCB-EX11D Sensor or a FLIR TAU 640 Thermal Sensor. The BTC-88 offers excelent coverage with a full subject FOV range. Pan axis is ±180°, Tilt axis ranges from 10° to 90° down. With a total of installed weight of 7 oz, the BTC-88 can fit the weight constraints of small electric vehicles. 

BTC - 88 Models: BTC-88 Standard. and BTC-88 Retract
BTC - 101
The BTC-101 can be outfitted with 720p HD Sony FCB - EH 3150 or a standard definition digitally stabilized Sony FCB - EX11D Sensor. Additionally the BTC-101 can be fitted with the FLIR TAU 640 Thermal Sensor. This gimbal offers excellent coverage with a pan axis at ±180°, and the tilt axis that ranges from 20° up to 100° down. 

BTC - 101 Models: BTC-101 Standard, BTC-101 Retract, BTC-101 Dual Sensor, BTC-101X, BTC-101XC 'Continuous', 

Please contact us for more information. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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