Niatros Optical Gas Imager
IRC's new Niatros MWIR optical gas imaging camera cores, manufactured exclusively for sale by Leak Surveys, Inc., are among the most advanced cooled thermal infrared sensor packages produced today. Available in a choice of FPA formats, the Niatros camera cores are equipped with patented technology to optically image and detect hydrocarbon gases. 

Platforms Available:
Niatros 320, Niatros SD, and Niatros HD

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The QuazIR are among the most advanced cooled OEM sensor packages produced today. Available in various resolutions and high definition formats, the QuazIR's camera cores provide the superior performance of a mid-wave sensor in a package specifically configured for applications where size, weight and power are critical considerations. 
Both Camera and optics can be controlled through a single integrated communications interface. Flexible digital and analog outputs, low power consumption and unmatched thermal sensitivity result in a high performance infrared imaging solution appropriate for mission critical fixed, mobile and airborne applications. 

Platforms Available:
QuazIR HD+, QuazIR LR SD, QuazIR LR HD, QuazIR SI 320, and QuazIR SI SD

For more information on the QuazIR series click here.

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