We are the premier provider of unmanned aerial vehicles and related solutions. We understand that finding the "right drone" for the job is a daunting task. We have invested thousands of hours to better understand UAV platforms, sensors and software. Our research has enabled us to form strategic alliances with global manufacturers representing a product line of approximately 40 unique platforms. Because most manufacturers have only two or three models, this gives us unparalleled insight and flexibility in selecting unmanned aerial vehicles and payloads. 

We take the approach that UAV's are tools to build ROI. This can be accomplished through improving project completion time, enhancing safety, providing new differentiation or a host of other factors. We use a proprietary methodology to guide our clients to systems specific to their requirements. Whether your company needs platforms scaled for fleet management or individual customized solutions, we can assist in eliminating the headache from research and time investment.  Best of all, our services are usually free to our clients!


We offer the best lineup of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms to meet almost every requirement.  There are multiple benefits of purchasing through Unmanned Aerial Specialists. High among these is the close relationships we maintain with our manufacturers.  We act in our clients' best interests to ensure their requirements are being met in a timely manner.  We hold ourselves accountable to ensure that deliverables are met.  We reference a variety of UAVs on our site and we feel most clients will benefit from these selections.  
 Check them out here: UAV Systems

Can't find what you want or need a customized solution? Please Contact Us.  We have global access to hundreds of manufacturers and in most cases can access your solution objective.  

drone detection systems


With the widespread proliferation of small unmanned aerial vehicles, risks of accidents and injury and malicious use increase. Keep the skies of what's important to you and your organization safe through advanced, automated drone detection. Check out our Drone Detection Systems.

The heart and soul of every Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is its sensor payload.  Without them, they are only flying robots!  Payloads vary based on need and should be assessed as part of any overall system deployment.  

Integration techniques and payload technology continue to advance, providing more accurate, more responsive and more detailed results and data than ever before. 

Our payloads are able to support LIDAR, inspection grade photogrammetry, photogrammetric LIDAR, oblique photogrammetric LIDAR, thermal imaging, infrared imaging, ISR, surveillance, reconnaissance, hyperspectral and multispectral analysis, methane and VOC emissions, radiation detection, blinded UV emissions, container and boiler inspection, and of course video.  There are many, many more applications.  
We currently support some of the most advanced aerial payload manufacturers in the worldgiving us keen insight into the differences among the brands. 

Please view our Sensors Page to learn more. We can guide you to the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which work best with each payload.  Then when you're ready, you can Contact Us for demonstrations, questions or quotes!

Unmanned Aerial Specialists has a footprint on six continents in over 30 countries and most U.S. states. We are a global distributor and reseller of rotary-wing and fixed-wing drone systems, payloads, software, and drone detection systems. Our goal is to support your professional organization by integrating safer, more efficient and economical drone related technologies for every day workflows.

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DARPA, the technology department of the US Department of Defense, commissioned an espionage drone that looks like a hummingbird, so it is not only tiny, but also perfectly camouflaged.
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