Tactical - Special Surveillance

Special Tactical Surveillance 
Special tactical situations are those where stealth and situational awareness are required beyond the capabilities of typical long and short range UAVs . Tactical UAVs can provide valuable imagery or video to insertion teams in life-threatening situations. Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can be used to assess a situation in confined or unknown areas inside a structure. Properly outfitted Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can provide another advantage. Imagery data can define a 3-dimensional rendering of structures and landscape of any area in a fairly short period of time. 

Endurance: Up to 15 minutes

Night time view:  YES - dual EO/IR  

Ground Control:  Handheld Controller

Designed for interior situational awareness

Situational Awareness and Threat Assessment

Entering and assessing unknown surroundings in the hunt for potential suspects or hostages is extremely dangerous.  Situational Awareness can be significantly improved and hostile positions identified from a safe vantage point with the Elios

The Elios is a groundbreaking design for UAVs. It has been designed to be flown indoors around structures and other elements without flight interference. Due to a collision tolerant outer protective cage, the Elios is able to fly into an unknown areas, even in the dark. The Elios provides real time video or infrared feedback on an easy to use controller.

Lightweight, portable, inexpensive and convenient. We think the Elios can help mitigate potential loss of life by increasing situational awareness in life threatening situations.  

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Endurance: Up to 25 minutes

Night time mapping with LIDARUSA - Scanlook

Ground Control:  Tripod Mounted Case

Terrain Mapping Situational Awareness

Altus LRX with Scanlook from LIDARUSA

The LRX from Altus UAS is a proven system for short range reconnaissance.  WIth triple redundant safety features, the LRX is perfect for situational awareness. Altus has successfully integrated the Scanlook from LIDARUSA for responsive LIDAR data.

This system is able to provide unprecedented night or daytime mapping of terrain and structures.  For the ultimate situational awareness in developing the element of surprise, 3D renderings of features can be generated in a short period of time.

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