Applications for Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned Vehicles offer many exciting opportunities.  UAV's can increase an organization's ROI in several ways.  For instance, with UAV's, jobs can be completed in a shorter time span.  Jobs can be made easier and safer.  UAV's can lead to reduction in equipment and outsourcing expenses.  In many cases, UAV's offer the opportunity to complete a requirement, where previously, it was too expensive, logistically difficult, or simply not an option.  UAV's also provide more control over a job--when the job can be completed, who's completing it and when the results can be delivered. In this Applications section, we specifically highlight some of recommendations for the best systems.

Law Enforcement and Security

The ability for law enforcement personnel to deploy unmanned vehicles quickly and easily is paramount.  Whether for perimeter security, crowd management, offender reconnaissance, pursuit or general surveillance,  we can tailor a solution to just about any capability or budget.  Our turnkey systems are ready to fly.  We include training and support with every system. Select your field to view our recommendations for specific applications.


Unmanned Vehicles have impacted inspection in industry greater than in any other single area.  The ability to provide better, less expensive inspections more often, more safely and more efficiently will continue to drive Unmanned Vehicles as the equipment of choice in inspections.  Select your industry below to see our recommendations for specific applications.

Fire, Search and Rescue

When considering Unmanned Vehicles, a unique set of challenges face Fire Fighters and SAR professionals.   Coverage area, endurance and weather are all factors which can affect a mission.  We can help you find the right system for the mission to help you save lives, protect property and get the job done right!


If you are considering the use of Unmanned Vehicles for your farm, vineyard or other agricultural area, we can help.  We understand the best platforms, sensors and software to drive results.  Click below to learn more.


Unmanned Aerial Solutions has worked with domestic and foreign military in the realm of ISR and other unmanned solutions.  Whether customized or off-the-shelf, we are able to source and procure systems for just about any field requirement and budget.  Click the link below to see some of our existing solutions or inquire about custom solutions.


Unmanned Vehicles are not only for videos and inspection.  The use of Unmanned Vehicles is limited only by the imagination of those flying them. UAV's are already being used to transport medical supplies, provide ad hoc cell tower networks, shark patrol, and provide support and assistance in many other capacities.  Click below to learn more. 

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